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Can I limit what data is collected or displayed?

By type of user

GoGuardian Director will collect and display aggregated browsing data for all users on your domain in Organizational Units (OUs) where the GoGuardian extensions have been deployed. To limit which users are included in the collected data, deploy the GoGuardian extensions only to the OUs with users whom you want included in GoGuardian Director.

For example, you could deploy the extensions to your student users OUs, but not your teacher OUs. This way, your usage data will reflect only rthe browsing habits of your students, and not your teachers.

NOTE: If you currently use GoGuardian Admin or GoGuardian Teacher, removing the extensions from an OU will also prevent those users from appearing in GG4A and from being added to sessions in GG4T.

By time or location

By default, GoGuardian Director collects browsing data throughout the day, at all locations. GoGuardian for Admins users can further control when and where data is collected, by time of day and IP range, in your GoGuardian for Admins settings panel.

By device type

By default, GoGuardian Director will only collect browsing data on Chromebooks. If your school is using GoGuardian for Admins and has disabled the “Chromebooks only” setting, GoGuardian Director will also collect and display browsing data from other devices where the student has logged in to his/her GAFE account within the Chrome browser.

NOTE: GoGuardian Director never collects browsing data from mobile devices or tablets, even when the Chrome browser is in use.