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Timeline, Tile, and Data Issues

GoGuardian Director isn’t showing timeline or usage information

If GoGuardian Director isn't updating with usage information, try one of the following solutions:

Wait 24 hours.

GoGuardian Director relies on data collected by the GoGuardian extensions. In order for the data to be meaningful, we need to collect 24 hours worth of data before we can show it to you.

Check to see if both GoGuardian extensions have been deployed correctly.

In order for GoGuardian Director to work properly, two extensions must be deployed to your student users: Chromium M and Chromium License. You can learn how to verify their deployment here: Verify GoGuardian Extension Deployment.

Does your organization use firewall or filtering software?

If you use a firewall or web filter other than GoGuardian for Admins, you will need to have the following three websites whitelisted on your filter or firewall (ports 80 and 443):


Have students log out and then log back into their Google Apps for Education account.

Because GoGuardian Director is tied to user accounts and not user devices, your students won’t have the extension until they have logged into their Google account. Chromebooks check for updates on login, so having users log out and log back in again will help ensure that the GoGuardian extensions install correctly.