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GoGuardian Director Overview

What is GoGuardian Director?

GoGuardian Director is a free product that gives allows you to see Chromebook engagement data based on your students’ actual browsing activity. Once GoGuardian is deployed to your school, Director generates an interactive dashboard to help you understand how your students are using technology.

While you’ve always been able to see student activity with GoGuardian Admin, GoGuardian Director makes it easier to spot trends in technology, pinpoint areas of low adoption, and make informed policy decisions from a higher, data-driven perspective.  

A Tile for Each Source

GoGuardian Director monitors educational tools, including websites, apps, and extensions. Each tool is displayed in a separate rectangular panel, known as a tile. Each tile's default view gives information about your students' last 7 days of usage.

Want to learn more about usage for a particular tool? Clicking on that tool's tile will expand the tile view to include a timeline usage graph, letting you see trends in use of that app, extension, or website or time.

GoGuardian Director measures usage for the educational apps, extensions, and websites that schools use most, with none of the non-educational clutter. Don’t see a tool that your school uses? You can request to have it added to Director here: GoGuardian Director UserVoice channel.

Stay Safer with GoGuardian Director

Student safety and privacy are critically important to GoGuardian. GoGuardian is a proud signatory of the Student Privacy PledgeAs with all GoGuardian products, Director allows only you and the people you authorize to see data about your organization or school.

GoGuardian will never sell your data to advertisers or marketers. Your data will only be used to provide you with information and context about your students.

For more details about how GoGuardian safeguards your data, please refer to the GoGuardian Privacy Policy.

Students from a Higher Perspective

GoGuardian Director makes it easy to see what your top education tools are by measuring which websites, apps, and extensions have the greatest adoption and continuous usage rates in your organization.

You can use Director to help answer high-level questions about your organization’s technology program, like:

  • Is my technology program working?
  • Are my teachers engaging students with the tools I have provided?
  • Are we getting enough value from our educational web tools?
  • Where can product training and professional development help us the most?

In the expanded timeline view, opened by clicking on any tool's tile, you can access detailed information about that tool's use for the past 90 days. Clicking on the dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the timeline view lets you toggle the data displayed between:

  • Aggregate hours of use for all students
  • Total number of times a tool was accessed

Getting Started with GoGuardian Director

GoGuardian Director is completely free, and available to any school or district using Chromebooks. You don’t have to be a GoGuardian Admin or GoGuardian Teacher customer to use Director.

Note: To set up GoGuardian Director, you will need administrator-level access to your domain’s Google Apps for Education account.

To help us get you to the right setup guide, please click on the item that best describes your school’s GoGuardian account status:

My school ...

Once you've enabled or set up GoGuardian Director, everyone that has been added to your GoGuardian Organization Management will have access to Director.

You can learn how to add more users here: Adding a New User to Your GoGuardian Account.